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Pleated Blinds

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Pleated blinds offer you all the practical benefits of roller blinds while giving your windows a warm, soft look and modern, stylish dressing. They look sleek and contemporary, are easily operated via a cord or simple tab and as you would expect are available in a wide range of colours. With their specialist properties pleated blinds are excellent for controlling glare in rooms and conservatories. They also finish off a bathroom or bedroom beautifully.

We can also offer pleated blinds from the Cellular pleated blinds range – these blinds have a unique honeycomb design which has several benefits. It greatly enhance the insulating qualities of the blind – the honeycomb design holds a layer of air which acts as an insulator thus improving climate control and helping to reduce energy bills. If draughty windows are a problem then Cellular pleated blinds could be the answer. And once again rest assured that they are available in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics

If having a blackout blind is important to you then that doesn’t rule out pleated blinds either – that option is available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. In order to aid the blackout qualities these blinds are designed slightly differently to standard pleated blinds meaning they don’t even have the small, pin-prick cord holes of a traditional pleated blind – perfect for the vampire in your life!

Of the many styles of blind we supply it’s definitely with pleated blinds where we see the biggest difference between customers expectations and the reality of what’s available – many are genuinely surprised at the range of fabrics and colours on offer and how stylish and modern the finished blinds are.

An additional bonus is that they look good whether on a new build window or on a large sash and case window of which there are so many in Edinburgh. It seems pleated blinds may have had an image problem over the years but no longer! If you haven’t considered them as an option we’d heartily recommend checking them out. Give us a call and we’ll show you some samples which may surprise you!