Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds Info

Roller Blinds are the classic blind for the home and suitable for every room in your house. They are highly functional , easy to operate and maintain and available in a fantastic range of colours and patterns. Should you wish to personalise your roller blind you can add a shape or border at the bottom or have braids, tassles or pulls added. We also offer roller blinds with specialist properties – blackout blinds for the bedroom or coated blinds for kitchen and bathroom environments being two obvious and popular examples. For a final touch you have the option of adding a fascia to enclose the roller mechanism, in either matching fabric to the blind or plain white or aluminium.

In addition to the standard roller blind range we can also offer Senses ‘slow-rise’ blind system which is completely chain and loop free. This system was specifically designed to address safety concerns but also managed to be extremely stylish and practical with ‘one touch’ operation and adjustable rise speeds.

If you’re thinking of roller blinds then give us a call to arrange a home visit. As well as some free advice you’ll be able to have a look at the range of colours, fabrics and materials our roller blinds are available in and find out the many ways you can personalise your blind.

All our roller blinds are manufactured in Scotland and unlike some of our competitors all our blinds are supplied as standard with a chrome metal pull chain which is not only more durable but looks miles better.

Whichever room in your house you’re considering for blinds then a roller blind could be the perfect solution. Any kitchen or bathroom can be utterly transformed with the addition of a colourful or patterned roller blind – achieving a stylish makeover for your room with minimal cost and fuss. Likewise if your living room or bedrooms are decorated in more neutral shaded then a blind can often be the quickest and easiest way to introduce a burst of colour and personality. This is increasingly the case as more and more people are in longer term rented accommodation – you may not be allowed to redecorate so jazzing your home up with a new blind is a great solution.

In bedrooms especially a blackout roller blind can be a lifesaver (or at least a sleep-saver) through the hopefully long Edinburgh summer. If you’re fed up with the daylight waking you or your family up at 4.30am then a blackout blind is definitely the way forward.

Roller blinds are also very popular for conservatories and sunrooms – there’s a lovely range of ‘dim out’ and sheer fabrics available which allow you to still make the most of the light while protecting your furniture and flooring from the worst of the sun’s rays and (should you prefer) protecting your own modesty!