Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds Info

Vertical Blinds remain very popular – and with good reason. As well as being stylish and practical they offer maximum flexibility – you control your privacy and level of light by the amount you tilt the blind and you also have the option of either opening or closing the blind fully. This makes them the perfect blind for both daytime and night time flexibility. With vertical blinds it’s possible to still have great levels of daytime light in your room while making it near impossible for anyone outside to see inside your room – meaning they’re great for downstairs rooms in your house such as living and dining rooms. Verticals are available in a great range of colours and materials and in two widths – 89mm or 127mm – depending on your needs.

Even within the colour palette available there are hundreds of variations with lots of subtle, stylish details and shadings transforming a simple blind into something special. And though many people associate vertical blinds with plainer finishes and standard white or cream more and more of our customers are choosing their verticals in bold, colourful finishes which transform their rooms immediately.

As you would expect we also stock verticals with special properties – such as moisture resistant fabrics perfect for blinds in a kitchen or bathroom or more rigid pvc blinds which are great for either an office environment and also useful for customers with lots of pets as the cat or dog hairs don’t stick to them!

Your vertical blinds can either open fully to left or right and if you wish can also be set up so that they split in the middle in the way a curtain would. Similarly it’s your choice whether the controls sit to the left or right of the blind. Though a white to-rail is standard there are also options in brown, black and cream. Further flexibility comes in the fact that the blinds can either be top fitted (as in a recess) or front fitted to hang just in front of the window or French door.

If you’re thinking of vertical blinds then give us a call to arrange a home visit. As well as some free advice you’ll be able to have a look at the range of colours, fabrics and finishes our vertical blinds are available in.