Edinburgh is learning to love Night and Day blinds!

Commonly known as ‘Night and Day’ blinds this style of blind is increasingly popular and in demand.  It b asically takes all the good points of both roller and venetian blinds and combines them in one blind. The blind itself is made of fabric, in broad bands on a loop -alternating between opaque/clear and shaded. If you want total privacy you just line up the bands appropriately or if you want to ‘open’ them you pull them up a small bit (makes sense?) And if you want the blind to disappear completely (like a roller can) you just pull the whole loop up into the mechanism. That’s the technical side of it – the more interesting part of these blinds is just how smart,stylish and contemporary they look. This example which was fitted in Straiton last week (you can see the snow outside!) are in white but they are available in a fabulous range of colours and fabric finishes. For me the real selling point of these blinds is how much light they still let into a room even when in the ‘closed’ position – it means you can still get daytime privacy without feeling like you’re shutting the day out. The flip side of this is that if blackout in the bedroom is important for you these are probably not the answer. But for a living or dining room, home office or conservatory they are an ideal solution. The ones ion the photo were for a home office – the room is on ground level and there is a pavement outside so the customer was looking for some privacy without feeling they were sitting in a dark room closed off from the world – and was delighted with the results. So if you’re looking for something smarted than a conventional roller but don’t want standard venetians give us a call and we’ll show you some samples. There are a couple of systems available both doing more or less the same – one is called Senses Mirage and one is called Vision. Both are fabulous.

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