Everything you always wanted to know about window blinds but were afraid to ask. Part 2 – The Vertical Blind

The Vertical Blind

The next style of window blind we’re going to look at are vertical blinds – they’re the ones with vertical slats attached to a fitting bar at the top and joined by a chain along the bottom. For a wee while they were considered a bit old fashioned and the kind of thing your granny might have (no offence intended to the grannies of Edinburgh) but in recent years they’ve made a big come back and along with roller blinds are perhaps the most popular style of blind on the market.

The key to the popularity of vertical blinds comes down to one quality – flexibility.  With a roller blind they tend to be either fully up or fully down – but with a vertical blind you can angle the slats any way you want to reflect the levels of light and privacy you require at any given time. Combined with that is the fact that vertical blinds now come in a fantastic range of colours, materials and designs which have without a doubt brought the vertical blind into the modern world. When choosing your vertical blind you can opt for it to sit either in a window or door recess (access allowing) or they also look great fitted on the wall front.

In operation you can have the slats gather to either right or left when the blind is fully pulled and the control mechanisms can happily sit on either side – whatever is easier for you. Vertical blinds work well in any room, but are especially popular in living rooms and other downstairs rooms where a level of daytime privacy is required without cutting out too much light. Needless to say the vertical blind is the perfect solution for any commercial/office areas. Have a look below at some of the vertical blinds we’ve fitted recently and if you’re interested or have any further queries then give us a call.

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