Why Windows Matter

how to decide on blinds for your window space

One of the big factors which will decide both which style of window blind you can have in your home and which style will look is the best is your windows themselves. It makes sense – what looks good on a traditional Edinburgh tenement window with old fashioned sash and case opening may not be the best thing for a set of UPVC windows on a new build which tilt and turn to open.

Indeed the way your window opens is a vital piece of information when measuring up and advising you on your blinds. If your windows open ‘inwards’ ie. into the room then it’ll mean you need to pay careful consideration to what space is available for the top bar of your window (if it’s a vertical or roller blind) and in case of a Venetian Blind you’ll need to bear in mind the space the blind will take up even when pulled up – especially in the case of wooden Venetian blinds.

We’ll never fit a blind in your house that means you can’t open the window fully when you need to – firstly it’s not safe and secondly it’s not practical – over time either the blind or the window is going to get damaged.

In practical terms this means that you may need to place your window blind ‘outside’ of the recess – but don’t worry this is not only very common but also looks totally fine – and if you choose to fit a matching pelmet (such as in the Senses Roller Range) can make a great feature of the blind.

Obviously if your blinds are ‘external’ opening or sash and case you’ll have a bigger range of options – but it’s always worth checking and is also one of the reasons why a home visit is so important.

As well as looking at the way your windows open and close you need to consider space that may need to be left when hanging the blinds to accommodate window handles and other embellishments – normally we’ll try to hang your blind as practically close to the window as possible – but you’d be surprised at the size of some window handles!

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